Terms of Service

Please read these Terms carefully because they are a binding agreement between You and MobileOptima Inc.

I, (Your Full Name), employee/agent/authorized user of (Name of Company/Client) do hereby agree that pursuant to the Client Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement between MobileOptima Inc. and my company/employer/principal (Name of Company/Client) for the use of the Tarkie System:

  • I shall provide an authorized email address and mobile number to complete the sign-up process and to receive official notices and communications from MobileOptima Inc. and/or the Tarkie System, as discussed in the Client Terms of Service;
  • I am solely responsible for ensuring the security of my Account. I shall not share my password and login credentials. I shall not share my mobile phone/ laptop/ desktop PC or other related devices. I shall not allow anyone access to my Account, other than by documented instructions given by my company/employer/principal;
  • I am responsible for all information posted and activity that occurs under my Account. This applies to all content posted by me or by other users under my Account;
  • Subject to the Privacy Policy of MobileOptima Inc., I shall allow MobileOptima Inc. to monitor my location, camera, and other activities on my mobile phone/ laptop/ desktop PC/ other devices, once I have logged into the Tarkie System and until I have logged out;
  • I shall comply with the instructions of my company/employer/principal related to the care, maintenance and upkeep of the devices and data connection services as discussed in “Devices and Data Connection” of the Client Terms of Service;
  • I shall not use the Tarkie System for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. I shall not, in the use of the Tarkie System, violate any laws in my jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright laws;
  • I shall not sublicense, transfer, copy, reproduce, modify, hack or reverse-engineer the Tarkie System or any portion thereof, or use such Tarkie System as a component of, or a base for, products or services prepared for commercial sale, sublicense, lease, access, or distribution as this action will bind my company/employer/principal and is a ground for “Discontinued Use/ Disconnection of Service” and “Unauthorized System Use or Abuse,” in the Client Terms of Service;
  • I guarantee that I have attended the training program provided by MobileOptima Inc. for the proper use of Tarkie System and have diligently equipped myself with the proper knowledge for the proper use of the software system;
  • I guarantee that prior to raising questions related to the use of the Tarkie System, I will access and understand the online operations manual for the said software as the Service Level Agreement between my company/employer/principal and MobileOptima Inc. records queries raised by the end users. Should the answer to my query not be in the online operations manual, I undertake to use the query system of the Tarkie System;
  • In compliance with the relevant data privacy laws and regulations of the Philippines and the company policy, I shall not disclose any downloadable or downloaded data from the Tarkie System to any third party without the prior written authorization of company/employer/principal (Name of Company/Client);
  • I expressly consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Philippines' Data Privacy Act of 2012 and MobileOptima's Data Privacy Policy;
  • By clicking on the “I agree” box or continuing to use the software system subscribed to by (Name of Company/Client), it is my understanding that I accept these Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement, agreed to by (Name of Company/Client). By allowing me to use the software products owned by MobileOptima, it is my understanding that I shall be bound by the Client Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement, if applicable, including the provisions on Discontinued Use/ Disconnection of Service.

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